I’m Lucy Nuzum, camera wielder, podcast addict, red ale enthusiast, travel loving, dog cuddling, easily excitable, Irish Photographer.

You can read all about my process in depth in my brochure, but the thing you need to know about me - I love telling stories. (Sometimes I never shut up) And I love making memories. If you can capture the real atmosphere of a moment, you can always go back to that memory.

Your wedding will be filled with everyone you both love, many meeting for the first time, and all starting a new family together. It’s the culmination of your journey as a couple so far and it’s a huge moment for your parents & family. There are so many stories in every wedding, fathers & daughters, best friends & new friends, mothers & son-in-laws, I spend the whole day framing all of those stories. Capturing everything as it unfolds so you can relive it afterwards and keep those stories forever.

Give me a shout if you’ve any questions at all, I’d love to hear about your story.